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Biology Take Home Assignment Essay Research Paper free essay sample

Biology Take Home Assignment Essay, Research Paper For my return place assignment I took a expression at the web sites of the Food and Drug Administration ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) and the National Institute of Health ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) is a authorities bureau whose occupation is to modulate nutrient, drugs, medical devices and vaccinums. It besides regulates Animal Feeds and Drugs, cosmetics and things that emit radiation like cell phones, microwaves and optical masers. The NIH is non a authorities bureau like the FDA, for it is portion of the Department of the Health and Human Services subdivision of the authorities. While the FDA is largely concerned with ordinances of drugs and nutrient the NIH does research to assist forestall, observe and handle diseases and disablements. It does research in its ain research labs and besides patrons research in universities, medical schools, infirmaries and other research establishments across the state. Overall I though the web sites were enlightening with their ain strengths and failing. I found that the NIH web site was more organized and easier to happen coveted information. It had a hunt characteristic which was utile in happening information on the site. It besides had clearly labeled headers, doing it even more easy to happen needful information. The web site nevertheless was presented a in really flat manner and seemed to be targeted at research workers and scientists who normally come for information. The FDA # 8217 ; s site on the other manus was presented in a more colourful manner and seemed to be directed toward the general populace. This possibly because the FDA is in the intelligence rather frequently and is more good known, while the NIH is small known, except among people in the Fieldss of scientific discipline and medical specialty. At the FDA # 8217 ; s site at that place seemed to be more intelligence points and imperativeness releases than scientific information. It did hold good information about current drugs and even included a little subdivision devoted to childs. The two sites offered assorted different types of research. Most of the research day of the month shown on the FDA # 8217 ; s site had to make with assorted types of drugs, nutrients, interventions and medical devices. It besides had consumer personal businesss issues such as what brands of nutrients have been determined by the FDA to be bad for human ingestion and what drugs have potentially harmful side effects to them. The NIH # 8217 ; s site had a more extended research subdivision devoted to scientific research, instead than general information like the FDA # 8217 ; s. It provided articles from scientific diaries informations from research lab trials and informations on trials on research lab animate beings and micro-organisms. It besides as a specific subdivision devoted to microbio logy and molecular biological science. The FDA # 8217 ; s site discussed more issues than the NIH. One the forepart page of the FDA # 8217 ; s site it had articles devoted to recent issues that the FDA was concerned about. Some of the issues that were being addressed on the FDA # 8217 ; s site were effects on radiation emitted by cellular phones, certain wellness hazards associated with silicone chest implants, the countrywide deficit of the grippe vaccinum and a more recent issue addressed by the FDA was seeking to take a harmful ingredient found in many over- the counter and prescription cold and cough medical specialties phenylpropanolamine ( PPA ) . The NIH trades with issues discovered in laboratory research. Some of the points that I came across was a find that people with Common Masculinizing Disorder besides lack epinephrine. This can be utile in intervention and bar of such a upset. Another cardinal find that the NIH made was the find that adolescent smoke led to anxiety upsets in early maturity. This information can be used in anti- smoking runs. Neither of the web sites had a specific subdivision devoted to biology, but both has scientific discipline subdivisions which contained some things related to biological science. In the FDA # 8217 ; s site most of the scientific discipline information was contained in the Science @ FDA portion of the web page. In that subdivision I found some interesting points related to human biological science. One article said that FDA research workers discovered that a protein known as CD26, which is present on the surface of white blood cells influences the chemokines, which direct the traffic of the immune cells. They found out that CD26 can disenable or activate chemokines. This can be utile in handling certain diseases where chemokines are of import. The NIH # 8217 ; s site covered far more subjects related to biological science. It had informations from trials on research lab animate beings, informations from other lab trials and a subdivision on molecular biological science, which was slightly interesting. In the molecular biological science subdivision, I found that it had some truly orderly things on proteins, such as a list of most proteins found in the human organic structure, complete with their molecular constructions and expressions. It besides had information on how the protein is used and how it effects the organic structure. This could be utile if you were to make a research paper on proteins. Overall I liked the two web sites. I found them enlightening and interesting. I learned several new things about biological science, medical specialty and other Fieldss of scientific discipline. The FDA # 8217 ; s net site had a batch more facts and intelligence points, while the NIH # 8217 ; s site had more informations. I could utilize both of these site for future research further into biological science.

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